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About GDA

Gotta Dance Atlanta is a professional dance and fitness studio that offers a challenging and enjoyable learning environment for everyone. With more than 20 years in business, GDA is a "home away from home" for dancers and individuals who are new to dance. We offer a variety of classes and training (Ballet, Contemporary/Modern, Hip-Hop, Jazz,  Zumba, Yoga and more). We believe that dance and fitness are intertwined to offer tremendous benefits for everyone and our professional staff brings personal commitment and valuable experience to their students.

Since 1988, GDA has provided personalized and comprehensive dance training to both the professional and recreational adult dancer. During that time, the studio has become one of the most respected centers of dance education in the country and is renowned for its preservation and presentation of all styles of dance.

Our philosophy is simple: to provide quality dance instruction and superior customer service while focusing on a clean, safe and non-competitive atmosphere. Gotta Dance Atlanta continues to develop its reputation for being the #1 dance and fitness studio in Atlanta. We are proud of this reputation and will continue to uphold this standard of excellence.

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