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Cheerleader Auditions

GDA is the official sponsor for the Atlanta Falcon Cheerleaders and the Georgia Force Cheerleaders!

Thinking about trying out for a pro cheerleading team? You've come to the right place!  Our classes and instructors will help prepare you for tryouts.  The best way to prepare for dance team tryouts is to jump into class!  Even if you’ve taken dance classes in the past, it’s a good idea to train year round.  Take as much ballet as you can.  Ballet is the foundation of dance, and a solid ballet technique will improve your dance skills in ways you can only imagine!  It focuses on technique, strength, and everything in between.  Any of our hip hop classes will help you get that swagger, and also assist in building stamina, learning choreography at a face pace and retaining choreography. 

Staying fit and flexible is a key element, as being an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader requires high athletic demands.   Be sure to add any class that focuses on stretching and working out.  Our schedule includes many stretch and cardio dance classes, including zumba, cardio hip hop and classically stretched.  

Additional classes that we recommend are jazz, leaps and turns, tricks and kicks, contemporary and stiletto.  Try to take as many classes as you can, as it will really help by the time tryouts come around.

If you need additional assistance, please contact Kim Thomas at and she will personally recommend and prepare a list of classes that will get you audition ready.


Looking for the perfect audition outfit for tryouts?  Shapes Dance and Aerobic Wear offers a variety of audition wear to suit your needs.  Mention the studio and receive a discount on your purchase!  Shapes Dance and Aerobic Wear is the dancewear provider for the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders.  Visit their website at

GDA provides excellent instruction by renowned professionals from around the world.  The instructors and staff are the best in the Southeast in assisting to develop and cultivate professional dancers.  The studio has become one of the most respected centers of dance education in the country and is renowned for its preservation and presentation of all styles of dance.  We look forward to meeting you and getting you audition ready!

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