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Beejay Harris

Beejay is a proud native of Brooklyn, NY and moved to Atlanta as a child only to discover his true passion in the performing arts and entertaining an audience. Beejay pursued dance as career path & lifestyle. Training & competing in mulitiple styles in the Art of dance including: House, Salsa, Popping, Aerial Dance, West African, & Hip-Hop foundimentals such as Breaking, locking & Poping. He's drive to become an All-Styles dancer been a blessing & an honored to Beejay's life as he's emerging as a 12th year professional dancer with an impressive resume on and off the screen. He's creativity, versatility, personality & wisdom has landed him the name as "The Professor Monkey". Beejay Friendly spirit generates from his place as apart of Atlanta’s most lovable & favorite dance crew “Jungle Boogie Crew” from Season 5 of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.” Beejay is grateful for all the opportunities he has been given and makes it his mission to give back to the community that once saved his life... Dance. Beejay is currently to founder of DanceGrind TV, a web Channel on YouTube, which captures the ins & out of a professional dancer. DanceGrind TV was designed to inspire & support others to believe in their dreams regardless of the odds. BeeJay also teaches under the direction of love as a proud (True Hip Hopper) with years of experience in all 4 elements of hip-hop: Emcee, Graffiti Artist, Disc Jockey and Break Dance to pass on to generations to come.

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