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Choreo U

Dance Team Essentials was founded in 2012.  Our purpose and goal is to offer intense training in Technique, Confidence, Leadership, & Performance to young [raw] dancers who are looking to become a part of their dream team whether it be high school or college. We kicked things off in a major way by holding the titles of Co-Coordinators/Co-Choreographers for the 2012 Honda Battle of the Bands first ever halftime dance feature working with the dance teams from 8 HBCUs. Our annual March Madness allows young dancers a month long audition prep class where we bring awesome instructors and judges in to make sure the girls are in tip top shape for the team they are auditioning for. We hold camps and leadership retreats in and outside of Atlanta during the summer for teams & individuals prepping them for their upcoming performance year. Our knowledge of dance technique & our passion for the danceline is what drives us & we will continue to train as many dancers as we can to have that amazing, life changing experience on the field week after week!

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