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Gary Beauford

Originally a self-taught freestyle dancer for 15 yrs, Detroit native Gary Beauford lived in the Washington, D.C. area, where he was a company captain, dancer, & choreographer for the award-winning Culture Shock D.C. dance troupe for 5 ½ years. Gary has headlined several dance workshops & conventions; He is also the Founder of TEAMWeGonMakeIt a professional dance company based in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area. His extensive performance background includes the likes of Capitol recording artist Jaicko, Byron Cage, Washington D.C.'s, Mya Harrison, & Rihanna. He has trained with Lyle Beniga, Luam, Tony Czar, Laura Edwards, JoJo Diggs, Nick Demoura, & many other accomplished choreographers & dancers. In Oct 2007 Gary spent 11 days touring Shuzo, China performing with Culture Shock D.C., also In Oct 2009 Gary spent 8 days touring Switzerland & Germany, teaching & performing with Culture Shock D.C., in Jan 2010 Gary returned from Barbados performing w/
Capitol recording artist Jaicko for the BMA’s (Barbados Music Awards). In 2011, Gary had the opportunity to tour with the nationally known UniversSoul Circus. While touring with Universoul Circus he was dancing & hosting the nationally known tour choreographed by Nick Demoura.  Gary continues to teach & train dancers in his smooth style of choreography & also educates on how to work & get started in todays dance industry.  You can find Gary living in Atlanta signed to BLOC South, training, dancing, teaching & choreographing with ATL's hottest dancers, teachers, & Choreographers.

Check out Gary's YouTube videos!

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