GDA Staff

Our staff is comprised of a talented team of individuals who operate the studio in a highly efficient and well-organized manner.

We are committed to our students; and our well-trained, experienced staff at Gotta Dance is dedicated to providing superior customer service in a professional and friendly manner.  With an emphasis on accuracy, promptness and quality; our staff takes great pride in the customer service we provide, and we believe it to be one of the many important features llustrating our dedication to our customers - and the Atlanta dance community.

Each of our departments have a strict set of guidelines, which our department directors follow in order for assuring the best results for both the evolution and nature of the studio are accomplished.  With the studio running appropriately, our faculty of instructors and mentors are better equipped for performing their jobs at the highest level of quality and integrity.

Our Directors work diligently towards providing the best work space and work environment for our faculty, so that Gotta Dance Atlanta may continue to offer above excellent training and choreography to our students who choose us over any other facility!

With our team of directors, Gotta Dance Atlanta is able to provide development and mentoring for those who wish to become professional dancers or artists, competitively priced classes at all levels for the dance enthusiast, a wide variety of time slots for the busy-scheduled individual, and programs which make all rates affordable to anyone wishing to dance.

Kim Thomas

Studio Owner

Tammy Stanley

General Manager

Susan Martin

Business Manager

Brentney Stephens

Front Desk Supervisor

Sakeenah Trusty

Front Desk Supervisor

Anita Faith

Front Desk Supervisor

Rahjiv Staten

Front Desk Supervisor

Alli Thomas

Studio Mascot


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