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Lamonte Ponder

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LaMonte' Ponder is a devoted student and advocate for the craft of dance...ESPECIALLY Hip-Hop! Born and raised in Georgia, he has always been around music, rhythm, and movement. He began most of his dance experience around family and his church upbringing. He has successfully headed youth ministry dance teams in the church and led the establishment of step teams while attending school. As a college student (and recent graduate) of The University of Georgia, LaMonte' truly began to come into his own as an up-and-coming choreographer. A very active student and genuine "people person", LaMonte' truly began to embrace his gift in choreography by instructing across the campus for dance companies, pageants, talent shows, and step competitions. He served as Step Master Choreographer for Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. and led the organization to several award winning performances. LaMonte' was also responsible for the choreography that led contestants to victory in the Ms. Athens Pageant and The Bronner Brothers Barber Battle (3 consecutive annual victories). In 2007, as a junior at UGA, he was cast on season 14 of MTV's "Road Rules: Viewer's Revenge" and proceeded to come out on top as one of the shows grand prize winners! Even with these experiences and fortunate opportunities, LaMonte' remains a very humble spirit. As a true giver at heart he is quite proactive in uplifting the community and can be seen at local school "Career Fairs" spreading the gospel of his passion for dance while encouraging the children to chase their own dreams. Since graduating, LaMonte' has proceeded to chase his dream of Dance as a choreographer and it has led him to Gotta Dance ATL to continue doing what he loves most.....and you can take a good guess at what that is!

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