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Nicholas Mafabi


Nicholas developed a special love for Dancehall music and dances after hearing it at a club that he once worked  in Russia.  Nicholas was born and grew up in Moscow. For him dancing began not so long ago, in fact just two and a half years ago.  In his childhood, he loved being on stage, initially as a singer but later made the transition having realized that he has a tendency to dance like a dancer.  


Nicholas met the guys from Pang’s Family, who helped him to further improve his dancing skills. He spoke at the M357Battlezone 2010 and shortly after joined the dancing group called the Team Hawk’s Family. As time went by Mafabi began to learn other new dancing styles such as: Hip-Hop, House, Popping.  While Dancing in popular clubs Nicholas met the guys from the band SD Family and was invited to play in a clip, which was directed by Pavel Hudyakov. 


Nicholas was a participant of the battle Touch the beat, Teacher at the Dancehall Seasons in Moscow,  was the Russia Dancehall King 2012 , was a Lecturer of the camp Dancing Village 2012  and also a Lecturer of the camp Danceville 2012.  GDA is proud to welcome Niholas on staff at the studio!

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