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Nina Amporful

In May 2013 Nina came across a few social network pages of yogis and became amazed at what they could do with their bodies. Nina started testing out a couple of poses on her own which proved to be a lot more challenging than she thought. It was at this moment Nina decided to start practicing yoga. Her first day on the mat Nina became addicted to the practice and her time spent there. She would find every free moment in the day to practice anything and everything yoga; from meditation to light flows. After noticing the progress she had made, Nina realized how much yoga was not only transforming her body but how it was also changing her life. It was on her mat Nina found peace within herself. Within her journey Nina found the passion to inspire others and made the decision to teach yoga. Nina received her 200 RYT from Yoga of India in Atlanta, GA. She is on a mission to share her love with the world one asana at a time. 

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