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Sean Freeman

Meet emerging Atlanta-based entertainer, SEAN-CHRISTOPHER. In his words, “You can love me.  You can hate me.  But you sure can’t ignore me.” This Little Rock, Arkansas, native is definitely a student of the game and fame. After a chance encounter with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, at the age of 11, SEAN-CHRISTOPHER became completely engulfed with music and dance. For years, he spent countless hours in his bedroom learning choreography from some of his favorite artists - Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Usher, & Paula Abdul. Sean began his actual dance training at the age of 16 under the guidance of C. Michael Tidwell at the Centre For Dansarts and Parkview Arts/Sciences Magnet Ensemble where he became a member of both respective companies/ensembles. He also received training with Pamela Crane and Latisha Welch. After graduating from high school, Sean attended college at Oglethorpe University, he created the Oglethorpe Dance Ensemble and hosted two dance productions - A Night To Remember and Lux Aeterna. Sean began his professional career in Atlanta: he performed with music artists (Lloyd and Monica), danced on So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Starts, and choreographed for major showcases/productions. After graduating from college, Sean moved back to Little Rock and continued expanding his choreography resume. He has choreographed pieces for the Black Hall of Fame, Good Morning America, Alpha Phi Alpha, Eddie Griffin, and numerous competition studios throughout the country. Sean is currently the owner of the "Dream BIG Dance Company" - a competition/performing arts company based in Roswell, GA.  He has not only been recognized by judges and audiences alike, but has been remembered and stood out in a crowd as a star.

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