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Tasha Bryant

Born in Raleigh, North Carolina to an African American father and a Multi-racial mother, Tasha was inspired by some of the biggest in the music industry. Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, Tasha just recently hit the road on tour with Tamar Braxton. She is leaving her mark, inspiring, and embarking on the journey made just for her.


She spent most of her childhood entertaining those around her with her talent and love for dance. She also enjoyed step, track, and learning how to cook and sew in middle school. Tasha was accepted into the modern dance club in high school, which led her to audition and join Couture Organization in 2008 at North Carolina A&T SU to actually train to perfect her craft. The staff and members of Couture Organization nominated Tasha as the dance coordinator for her hard work, dedication, and creativeness. In 2010, she led her team through numerous performances where she created choreography and structured the ideas into a beautiful work of art. She started taking up dance classes that taught the history of  modern, ballet, African, and hip hop as well as touching bases on some other cultural traditions of dance. Tasha also took up Nursing for a couple of years, and was a member of the Nursing Program until she left for a dance reality show,  “Born to Dance” , which was a major kickoff in her dance career.


Her passion led her to move to Atlanta, GA where the opportunity to train was greater. Tasha fell in love with hip hop and continued to receive exquisite training in that area. She is now expanding her training and knowledge in all different styles of dance. As her love for the entertainment industry grows, her interest in modeling, acting and fashion greatens.  Once she moved to Atlanta, she had the opportunity to sub a few Art Of Seduction classes at Rhythma Dance Studios and she then realized what area she wanted to create choreography in. Tasha has recently had her own classes, Heel Talk, and is working on teaching at other studios, workshops, cities, and all over the world. She is very open to learning, and optimistic about training harder everyday, as well giving back what she learned. Tasha believes in remaining faithful, and being persistent, so stay tuned for more.


Tasha’s credits include Tamar Braxton, Essence’s Festival, The Imperial Circus, BET Born To Dance reality show, SuperJam, Carolina Theater Hairspray show, Shanell, Necessary Roughness, McDonald’s commericial,102 Jams, Dames Aflame, Atlanta Braves commercial, Jade Novah, and Necessary Roughness, along with others

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